Rent Out My Chisinau Apartment

Published on: February 12, 2018


Are you an owner of a furnished property in Chisinau or its surrounding?

Let us help you rent out your Chisinau property!


With an experience of over 28 years,, as a local accommodation agency in Chisinau, offering for travelers who are seeking comfortable stay for short rent, as well as for individuals and companies who are looking for long term housing.


What do I have to know about collaboration as a landlord?


  • Would you like to rent your property monthly or yearly?

    Long term rentals are always welcomed! is offering corporate housing, for tenants who are seeking to rent apartments or houses for long period stays.

  • Would you prefer to rent your property on daily base or for short term?

    This is also possible! does not demand a minimum or maximum lease duration. The landlord is always free to decide on its own the rent period.

  • Renting price

    The renting price is always established by the owner.


Landlord Benefits


  • How much does it cost to join?

    Adding your property to website is TOTALLY FREE

  • No efforts from the landlord side

    Our team will describe your property and neighborhood, take quality/professional pictures and will publish these on in maximum 2 working days.

  • Who can be my potential tenant?

    Both international and local clients use rental service. Your property will be accessible on in 7 languages.

  • Free Legal & Tax Advice

    Our team will elaborate the lease agreement in accordance with the landlord requirements and will advise the landlord on its legal due.

    Feel free to read the reviews of our clients here


What do we offer?


  • Promoting Your Property

      Elaboration and Publishing informative and illustrative material on our websites.


  • Administrative and Financial Management

    ✓  Estimating the rental cost.

      Elaboration of the lease agreement.

      Creating and sending invoices.

      Evidence of financial flow.

    ✓  Delivery of the financial report - including the tax report.


  • Legal and Tax Consultancy

      Providing legal and tax advice.


  • Rental Relationships Management

      Visits / Check-In / Check-Out / Inventory.


  • Technical Management of the Property

      Extended management of the property maintenance.

    ✓  Repairing on demand / Water / Electricity / Internet, etc. with calculation of these costs.

    ✓  Improvement through repair: calculation - repair - evidence.


How to add my Chisinau property?


  • Contact us

    Contact us by phone: + 373 69 10 90 33 or e-mail: to schedule an appointment in our office or if you are abroad for a virtual meeting.

  • Sign the collaboration agreement

    The owner must provide confirmation of the legal ownership of the property that may subsequently be leased. (sales / purchase contract or power of attorney which is permitting the above-mentioned activity)

  • * The collaboration agreement can be signed only with the owner or persons empowered with this right.


Is any of the above criteria right for you?

Contact us and start your real estate project today!

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