Chisinau Apartments Rental

How to rent a furnished apartment in Chisinau?

The procedure of renting apartments in Chisinau is simple and various. The quickest way is to contact us via phone calls, email or via well-known messengers.

By accessing our web site you can find full information about Chisinau apartments rental, however the information about availabilities of required properties we have to check properly and provide you. Each booking request must be confirmed in a written form from our side. The final step in rent an apartment in Chisinau is the signing of the Lease Agreement.

How can I pay my lease in Chisinau?

The tenant is always free to choose a payment method. This can be cash, bank transfer or card to card. All of these methods are accepted. The only thing the tenant should pay attention to, is that the payer is responsible for all associated costs of all transactions of all involved banks.

Are there any additional costs when renting an apartment in Chisinau?

The renting daily and monthly prices for apartment shown on our web site pages include all local taxes.

The extra costs are applied only in cases of accommodation for long term in Chisinau. These are the apartment’s utilities costs and service fee. Another cost is the deposit which in most cases represents the equivalent of the one month price of renting and it is refundable if no indoors damages detected and the utilities are paid.

What a family should know before rent an apartment in Chisinau?

When you're trying to find the best places to rent Chisinau apartment for your family, choosing a neighborhood is almost as an essential as choosing an apartment. It needs to be safe, quiet area, with access to playgrounds and parks.

Contac us and our agency experts will consider the particular needs of your family members.