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Published on: December 23, 2017

What would be the monthly cost of the utilities and what utilities are not included in the rental price? - it is A frequent question from tenants who are willing to rent apartments in Chisinau on a long term.


Which utilities are not included in the rental price?


The utilities that are not included in rental prices are shown in apropriate apartment page description under the headline "Excludes" As an example: click here


What are the monthly utilities cost in Chisinau?



Below you can see the fixed prices of each service as well as an approximate monthly cost per apartment type. These monthly approximate costs should not be taken into an a strict account as the final price. The cost of utilities varies from case to case and mostly depends on their usage by tenants.


  • Electricity: 1 kwh (access
  • Water: 1 m3 = 10.69 MDL
  • Gas: 1 m3 = (access
  • District heating (during the cold period): 1 GCal (access
  • Internet + TV (150 Mbps + more then 100 channels): the average is 250.00 MDL
  • Garbage (per 1 person per month): 17.50 MDL  (from 01.08.2022)
  • The average cost of utilities (1 tenant):
  • Apartment up to 50 m3: Summer ~ depends on upcoming circumstances
  • Apartment up to 100 m3: Summer ~ depends on upcoming circumstances
  • * Winter price could vary as heating cost depends on outside temperature.


Rules for paying utility bills



  • Monthly utility bills are delivered to the owner via the "Post of Moldova" at the end of each month based on the data collected by each service provider: such as Electricity, district heating.
  • It is very important to mention that the bills have a limitation period and to avoid unintended disconnections (in some cases, such as Electricity - the reconnection takes up to two - three days and this service require additional payment).
  • Some invoices have a deadline on the 25th of each month, and others on the 30th of each month.
  • Invoices can be paid at any nearby bank, Posta Moldovei, online through authorized systems for collecting these financial sources or on each service provider website.


Calculation of water consumption


  • The water will be counted based on the water meter installed in each apartment and at the time of payment it is necessary to indicate the current data - because this figure will be entered in the database and will be calculated as consumption for the next month.


The cost of the cable TV and internet package


  • Internet and TV will be paid on the basis of the separate invoice at the end of the month in accordance with the cost of the subscriber's package.


Calculation of gas consumption in Chisinau


  • The gas will be paid depending on whether or not the apartment is equipped with a gas meter
  • If the apartment has a gas meter - then it will proceed as in the case of water.
  • If the flat does not have a meter - the cost of gas consumption will be calculated by the supplying company and will be charged depending on the number of tenants.

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