Best Prepaid SIM Card in Moldova for Tourists in 2019

Published on: July 14, 2019

Looking for a Moldova's SIM Cards? All you need to know about Buying SIM Cards in Moldova.

In view of the fact that the roaming service in Moldova is one of the most expensive services for foreigners, we come up with some tips that we believe will minimize the huge costs of the roaming for those traveling in for fiew days or planning a longer stay in the Republic of Moldova.

It is important to mention that the Government of the Republic of Moldova is currently negotiating with the European Union to put in place the elimination of roaming between the European Countries and the Republic of Moldova.

Statement made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova Mr. Nicu Popescu on 12.07.19

Mobile operators in Moldova

There are 3 mobile operators operating in Moldova with identical good national coverage and the costs of their services are probably the smallest in the area.

They are: Orange Moldova, Moldcell and national operator Moldtelecom called Unite.

But let's figure on Moldova's prepaid SIM cards - which encourages travelers from other countries to turn on to this service.

Where can I buy a Prepaid SIM card in Moldova?

Prepaid SIM cards can be purchased at Chisinau International Airport in the arriving hall, Moldpresa kiosks and Tabaco shops along the city streets as well as in all authorized stores of each mobile service provider throughout the Republic of Moldova.

How Much Does SIM Cards Cost and What Include?

Mobile service providers offer included minutes and mobile Internet, but neither their costs nor their offers differ greatly.

Orange Moldova

(for updates use source:

Get your hottest Orange PrePay offer now for 50.00 MDL ~ 2.50 Euro and get 200 minutes free on any network + 5 GB traffic every month for 1 year.

Enable offer - dial * 888 * 0 #

The "200 minutes on any network + 5GB" bonus is allotted once a month, when the account is recharged at least 60 lei, it is valid for 15 days and can not be used in Roaming. Included minutes can be used for national voice and video calls, except for special numbers and left bank of Nistru.

The offer is valid when activating the PrePay card until 31.07.2019.

Moldcell Moldova

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Take your Moldcell Card just 50 lei and get extra benefits: 5000 minutes on the network and 50 GB Internet traffic for a whole year. The offer is allocated monthly, of 416 minutes on the network and 4 GB, valid for 15 days.

When you activate the card you will have 50.00 MDL ~ 2.50 Euro in your account and 416 minutes in the network + 4 GB. In order to benefit monthly from the Offer, it will recharge the account every 30 days with at least 50 lei (by single recharge).

The amount of substitutions and the 50 lei you receive when activating the card will remain in your account so you can use them for any Moldcell service.


(for updates use source:

Prepay SIM Card - 50.00 MDL ~ 2.50 Euro

500 MB monthly for 12 months

50 lei in your account

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We hope this information will help you.

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