Chisinau - Lowest Prices On Transport You Will Ever See

Published on: November 14, 2017

A small advice on Chisinau public transportation. Trolleybus, Bus, Minibus and Taxi

The cheapest transportation around the city is via trolleybuses.

A trolleybus ticket costs 2 MDL (or approx. 15 cents) and you can get it from the conductor who will approach you as soon as you enter the trolleybus.

However, we do not recommend you use this method of transportation during rush hours (7:00 am - 9:00 pm ; 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm) as they become really crowded. Also don't forget to keep an eye on your belongings!

The buses around the city are a bit more expensive.

But not too expensive if you ask anyone from abroad. A bus ticket usually costs 3 MDL (or approx. 20 cents) and can be bought from a conductor.

When it comes to reaching point B from point A, busses are a bit more far-reaching as they do not require power lines and some of them use alternative routes instead of main roads which can get pretty jammed during rush hours and not only.

Bear in mind that not all Moldovan buses are you usual european class-vehicles. Some of them are soviet-era and some of you might find it far below your usual quality standards.

The maxi-taxi or "marshrutka" is a post-soviet must-try.

The price for this method of transport is 3 MDL (or approx. 20 cents) and is paid directly to the driver once you enter the vehicle.

These drivers are usually reckless, they stop where they shouldn't, speed and talk on the phone while driving. There is no air-conditioning even during hot summer days, but this is still a must-try.

You can get anywhere from point A to point B around the city using these babies, you just have to know which number you need to take.

Taxis are a bit more expensive, but still really cheap.

Forget about paying tens of Dollars/Euro as you would in any capital around the world.

The most expensive taxi trip around the city would probably cost you not more than 100 MDL (or approx. € 5). That's a fair price for what you get.

We would not recommend you taking a taxi right at the airport exit as the prices for those are at least three times higher than what you would normally pay. If you've got someone waiting for you in Chisinau it would be reasonable to ask them to call a taxi company and order a taxi for you.

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