Investing in Chisinau’s real estate

Published on: September 22, 2019

The city of Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova with a vast historical past and with a current promising potential of economic growth.

As well known worldwide, investment opportunities such as buying an apartment to let,  became a global trend. Favorable rental returns can be achieved by starting to invest in both, student accommodations, as well as private residential properties.
Investing in properties offers higher returns than keeping the savings on the banks’ interest and it is usually less risky than investing your savings in stock markets.
If you are considering to invest in a property in Chisinau - the most common questions would be the following:

1. Is the Chisinau city a good choice to buy an apartment for renting it out?

2. Can a foreigner buy an apartment in Chisinau?

3. How much does an apartment in Chisinau cost?

4. In which district/region is it better to buy an apartment in Chisinau to rent it out?

5. What annual return should I expect when renting out an apartment in Chisinau?  

6. What is the maintenance cost of an apartment in Chisinau?

7. What will be the annual occupancy of my apartment in Chisinau city?

8. Who can I trust to manage my Chisinau property and how much will I have to pay for this?

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