How to get to Chisinau?

Published on: December 21, 2017

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova located in the center of the Republic, at a distance of 278 km from the border with Ukraine to the north, southwards at a distance of 207 km and east on the national road to the border with the self-proclaimed "transnistrian republic" only 60 km.

The distance from Chisinau to Odessa through the Palanca customs point avoiding Tiraspol a city named "capital" of the unrecognized "transnistrian republic" is 196 km.

The western part of the Republic of Moldova is washed by the Prut River with the following customs points of the Republic of Moldova with Romania.

Get to Chisinau by Car from Romania Border


North - West of Moldova:  Lipcani - Chisinau: 261 km (crossing: car / bus)

North - West of Moldova:  Costesti / Riscani - Chisinau: 214 km (crossing: car / bus)

West of Moldova:  Sculeni - Chisinau: 114 km (crossing: pedestrian / train / car / bus)

West of Moldova:  Leuseni / Albita - Chisinau: 103 km (crossing: car / bus)

South - West of Moldova: Cahul / Oancea - Chisinau: 173 km (crossing: car / bus)


Get to Chisinau by Car from Ukraine Border


South - East of Moldova:  Palanca - Chisinau: 138 km (crossing: car / bus)

North - East of Moldova:  Otaci - Chisinau: 218 km (crossing: pedestrian / car / bus)

Noth - West of Moldova:  Mamaliga - Chisinau: 274 km (crossing:  / car / bus)


Get to Chisinau by train from Moscow

The railway system in Moldova is inherited from the Soviet times and for this reason it is not a favorable one and it can not be considered fast and / or comfortable.

The railway connections with Chisinau are inefficient and the journeys with this type of transportation are much longer than those with the coaches.



A trip from Moscow to Chisinau is done through the Republic of Belarus and consists of 48 hours. While with a coach this distance of 1320 km can be traveled in just 16 hours.

Other factor that makes the trip longer, is the fact that the train enters the territory of the Republic of Moldova and until reaching Chisinau makes a double distance passing the following route: Ocnita / northern Moldova border with Ukraine - Balti / center of Moldova - Ungheni / West of Moldova border with Romania - and only after Chisinau City - 15 hours / 216 km on national road.

As about comfort:

It is worth to mention that in passenger wagons on this route there is no air conditioning during the summer and in the cold season of the year the heating in wagons is kept almost as in the trains history - the heat is made by the stuard with coal. The windows are sealed and can not be opened - as a result the smell during this travel  is not one of the most pleasant, especialy near WC cabine, which in turn can not be considered neither clean nor hygienized.

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Get to Chisinau by train from Bucharest


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