How to rent an apartment in Chisinau for long term?

Published on: November 14, 2017

Tourists in Moldova are often confronted with the uncertain procedure of apartment rental.

There are great numbers of official and less official agencies which frequently try to take advantage of you as a foreigner. One coming to visit Moldova for the first time should be precocious when searching and arranging an accommodation via the internet. Here are some things you should pay attention to when attempting to safely rent an apartment in Chisinau.

1. Know Your Agency

Chisinau hosts multiple tourists throughout the year and many locals initiated accommodation services. It is advised to develop a relationship with your agency from the very beginning. Start by assessing the website of the agency. Poorly developed sites are advised to be overlooked. Also make sure to check for internationally recognized certificates (ex: Verified by Visa). Make sure to find out why you need to use the services of an agency in Moldova.

2. Where is my apartment?

Needless to say you should pay attention to the neighbourhoods in which the apartment is situated. Sometimes it is wise to overpay a tiny bit to feel safe when coming home late at night.

3. See how the agency responds

Before reserving an apartment write an email and see how fast you get a reply. This shows the receptivity of the agency. Depending on the speed and quality of the response you may build up a position regarding the agency's reliability. A good agency will fully support you through your stay. Dealing with a serious agency will considerably reduce the risks of being dissatisfied during your stay in Moldova.

4. It's all about photos.

Once you are certain about the agency's trustworthiness it is now time to look for an apartment that suits you best. Make sure you pay great attention to the photos published on the web sites as sometimes they are not reflecting the reality. Also it is advised to avoid sites which publish small photos, often the case is that they try to hide something.

5. What do I get for that price?

Reserve some time to research what is included in the rental price. One agency might have various deals for different apartments. Sometimes the rental price might include all the utility costs however sometimes they might be excluded. It is recommended to negotiate the deal towards your desires.


Best Apartment Deals


Apartment # 5

str. Mitropolitul Dosoftei 97/2, Chisinau, Moldova

2 persons

1 room

1 bed